About Atlanterra

The enclave

The idyllic jewel that is Atlanterra is located where the Atlantic Ocean encounters the Mediterranean Sea. In ancient Greece this area was called “the end of the known world”. Here you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the African coast, Cabo de Gracia, Trafalgar and admire the Atlas Mountains, which rise from the strait over the ocean. Atlanterra is the balcony of Europe with views of Africa.

The Costa de la Luz

As part of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Bay of Atlanterra is located on the Costa de la Luz. In this region not only can you find the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, but also whales, dolphins and other marine mammals that can be observed in their natural habitat. At the southernmost point of the Spanish coast you will find nature of unparalleled beauty with the diversity of flora and fauna of an intact coastal and mountainous environment, unique natural reserves and crystal-clear waters on white sandy beaches.

Why do we do what we do?

When we discovered this paradise in 1962, our mission was to protect and develop this place as a privileged enclave. We have fulfilled this obligation for more than 50 years and, as sponsors, we guarantee sustainable urbanisation. During the development and design phases, we give special importance to treating the natural environment with respect, which makes this place so distinctive. Sponsoring the Ruta del Atúnand supporting its sustainable fishing is just one of our initiatives to fulfil our responsibility as an important part of the local community. Because we know that only in this way can we preserve the region’s culture and quality of life.

Cultural richness

Nearby is the rich culture of a region that has been able to preserve its lively way of life for thousands of years. With many high-quality restaurants where you can get to know the traditional culinary culture of southern Spain – with the freshest and highest quality products of both land and sea.

Its location in the south and its proximity to the sea make Atlanterra a pleasant destination with stable and mild temperatures for most of the year. It is the perfect setting to discover all the attractions of the environment. A region where the land meets the sea and luxury meets culture.

Exclusive individuality

The bay of Atlanterra is considered Europe’s hidden gem. As the coastal highway goes inland at this point, we are protected from the remaining traffic. Therefore, this idyllic place remained largely undiscovered – one gets to know Atlanterra mainly by word of mouth. Despite its proximity to other areas of the Spanish geography, the authentic Atlanterra is a place without the overcrowding that characterises the rest of the Costa del Sol. Likewise for this reason, Spanish celebrities found a second home in this bay, surrounded by picturesque headlands. The relaxed atmosphere determines the lifestyle of everybody who has chosen to live in this place. Atlanterra attracts people who appreciate quality and style. We are proud to have created a place where people are socially and intellectually stimulated. A privileged community of inspiring people who value a completely private life in an exclusive environment. For this reason, we do not see ourselves as one company. We are a community.

We are Atlanterra!



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