From vision 
to reality

We are your partner for making your dreams come true

For more than 40 years we have been able to build luxury villas in Atlanterra and even today, we continue to carry out each building project with the same dedication as on the first day. Every project is unique and adapted to our customers’ individual wishes, always in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Completed projects

Over the years, our fields of activity have also evolved. Nowadays, in addition to selling and leasing land, houses, villas and chalets, we also offer building services and any services associated with your holiday or properties in Atlanterra.

Meanwhile, more than one hundred dream residences have been built through our building company – Atlanterra Proyectos S.L. – Luxurious, individual and sustainable houses – always in balance with nature and as unique as their owners. By actively avoiding the overcrowding of people and houses, we have set up a development as an exclusive refuge in which privacy plays a fundamental role.

We can provide you with the most appropriate architectural studio for looking for an architect whose architectural style and personality suits your needs. Someone who speaks your language and pursues the same ideas as you. If you wish, you can order the design from an architect of your choice.

Ongoing projects

Plot R-84: In progress

Plot I-89/90: In progress

Plot U.R.A. 8.6: In progress

DUNE project: On sale

Our team at your disposal

Our team includes two technical architects and a master builder with many years of experience in building private houses. Both will advise you throughout the process and ensure that the project is developed according to your vision. 

We are convinced that only through a direct and trusting relationship with you can we achieve a high-quality outcome that will keep you satisfied for years.

If you are thinking of building a home, contact us and our technical department will offer you a personalized quote without any type of commitment.

Our experience

From the beginning of the building process, you can benefit from our many years of experience in urban planning and from our deep knowledge of urban development and its infrastructure. This allows us to offer you geotechnical and topographic services for the comprehensive review of your plot. And through our position as an urban development operator, we achieve maximum efficiency in coordinating and managing all the technical and administrative aspects of the Spanish building industry, for example, agreeing contracts with public electricity, water, telecommunications and security systems service providers. We also speed up registration with the Land Registry, purchase certification, the receipt of the building permit and that of first occupation, the acceptance of the building, as well as registration in the Land Registry .
In addition, we have the necessary experience to manage all your property insurance. From careful advice on financing, through grant funding options and tax optimisation to the sustainable selection of building materials and renewable energies, we are your professional and reliable partner at all levels of the building process.



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